Heavy Metal



You can learn something everyday if you look around some. I was digging through some bicycle sites, and came across the idea of heavier frame bikes, for the "Clydesdale Athlete". Apparently, anyone heavier than the 200lbs mark is within the parameters of a "Clydesdale". I have been losing weight recently, at 245 down from 273, and I'll never see the underside of 200 again. The bike I ride now creaks a bit, and I had thought that a heavier frame would be nice, and I come to find that others had thought so as well. I know that Kona has their 'Hoss" frame. Are there any other companies thinking ahead like this? This is a trend that should be honored!

Large Filipino

I would grab a welder and TRIANGULIZE EVERYTHING!
But I don't have a welder. :(
If I did I would! :devilish: