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    Hello all,

    I've got quite a bit to lug around, and I keep my fingers crossed. Still, this little china wonder with 700+ miles will run with traffic here in SW VA. lol, and I don't have a shift-k it yet.................... PS- quite a few hills around also.


    Never run lean

    It's a bike, not a motorcycle (COMMON SENSE)

    PS- One last thing, is I weigh 260 as well............

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    For a newbie, please explain how lean is too lean, and what you're using.

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    25:1 regular 2/stroke--------32 to 40:1 synthetic 2/stroke--with a splash of castor

    Hey there, You're going to find a multitude of opinions...........Just remember to break in first 200 miles with regular 2/stroke mix to seat rings...............then SYNTHETIC----->on

    Works best for me?
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    Another question. Have you installed a small chainwheel to help with your weight issues? My bike's stock sprocket was too big for me, so I ordered a smaller one. I'm very small but I have no leg strength due to birth defects. I'm thinking a small sprocket will make it easy.
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    No JE, it's all stock. Its got a 44T rear sprocket only. Yeah, I'm 6' 6", 258 but with the mods I've done, the bike will hold mid twenties all day, and will now run with 44T over 32mph. That's too many RPM's with a 44T....I've just not maxed it out considering where it was made. (Fingers Crossed)