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    Took a stock SBP's expansion, lengthened with insert, and now with all other mods it's a TORQUE BEAST!! Understanding what it is, and where it's made...........HELLO!!!!!!~ Get this........I'm a defensive-line kind of big, at 6' 6", 260. The bike weighs every bit of 65+lbs...a 29" cruizer. Took bike out today after repositioning pipe, and installing a exhaust manifold. I'm now trying to figure out if the manifold or elongating the chamber has really given it major torque. I do enjoy working on this engine, but as I was riding along, I was thinking that this is really a 66cc "China Wonder"

    Well, in SW Va . (MANY,MANY large hills) the bike now will not only take all the hills, but will even try to continue to gain acceleration. Just fantastic, in knowing what it's up against pulling me around on Could it be milling head, Jags CDI, drilling piston port holes, ramping top of piston, reed valve, grooving jug intake, or home made torque pipe?

    Da"", 2.75HP.............naaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Still have also all mids and tops!!!!~

    (And you know what's funny, it only had 87 octane when running like this)

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    Looks like a real beast. Glad you continued the color scheme on the SBP pipe.
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    I hate the look of the acordian section of the pipe. Please make it metal!
    But congratulations on getting a chinese POS to work decently.
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    Thanks Jag,

    I plan on doing away with the acordian, and going to metal now that I do believe I've got the right length for set-up. Sure, I made the extention 2" longer(total now 8"), but it also just so happens that I put exhaust manifold on at same time that I tried new length out. I cut the chamber to close to the belly, but I do believe that stretching for extra length has ramped it down to be part of the baffel. Well, something has changed for the better? (That acordian rubber is to LOUD, and it wont last!)

    .............One other thing- The power that the sonic pulses have in chamber is very strong. With that rubber acordian insert, you can even watch it pulse sate while engine is running. I am going to replace , but considering the distance from jug, it really doesn't get that hot?!
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