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    Hi! just want to introduce myself. my name is sean. I recently retired and found my self with a desire to pursue my hobby. I love to tinker with everything. most of all I love bikes and motors so I have always had some kind of motored bike or motorcycle. Tecumseh and H-D are my favorite engines. about ten years ago my dad asked me to build him something he could ride around. so I made him a motorized bicycle that he loved. he was an avid biker but was getting a little old for his bike witch he sold. later he passed away so I ended up with the bike back. I've been tinkering with it ever since. along with whatever bike, minibike, or project my kids come up with. I also starting a website homebuiltbikes.com witch should occupy some of my spare time. I am still very new to computers so that may take a while. but its there. I will put some pictures of my fathers bike on my website as soon as I can. it is my pride and joy and has recently been restored to better than new. I am looking foward to learning alot from you and others and cant wait to show you my work. thankyou sean

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    hi, sean...you say you're new to the computer stuff, eh?

    looks like you need some help with the forum. just view it as a technical manual with a table of contents...on the mainpage, take some time and scroll all the way down...notice the different areas and read the caption/description for each one. that will help you to figure out where to find specific info and post different questions. your topic about brakes would be best in the "garage" in the "bicycle" section. contact a moderator and ask for it to be moved. you'll figure it out.

    cool intro...guess i'll havta have me a look at dad's old homebuilt.

    welcome to MBc :cool:

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    Nice gesture with the explanation and directions. Not many seem to know when one needs them. Most just say, "Hello" and leave it at that.