hello evry body from the CO rockies



hi im 17 and have been riding these bikes for a year (minimum 2000 miles no joke) i have a 70cc dax on a 67 twing bicycle i drilled holes and put a harley davidson sportster tank on it the little tanks would run dry half way through a ride!! i have riddin in all types of weather last year in 5 feet of snow and -10 degees F just for fun everyone sez im crazy but i love my little scoot i recently got a rock stuck in the engine:censored: but i got it fixed with a lot of time and effort.im still perfecting it but at least its running!!


man, if i had one of these bad babies at 17....you seem like the exact kind of young guy we need around here. there was not a whit of condescension in that, minibiker, i'm thrilled to hear you're already so adept, and so hooked!! :)

welcome to the MBc :cool: