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    Hello folks,

    I'm getting into MB. I have been a riding motorcycles since I was a kid. I ride my superbike for the days I wan to go fast, but the MB experience sounds very exciting.

    I hope to learn a lot from all the experienced guys out here on the forums.

    One thing I did notice trolling through the forums is that there is a real lack of consensus when it comes to engines and rating them, specially the Chinese ones. This is a huge disadvantage for newcomers, I understand that Vendors have been rated but not individual engines.


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    I symphasize with your plight ,Chinese engines are unpredictable,most likely due to poor or erratic quality control,similar appearing engines may have different provenance.So it is difficult to sort things out.Japanese& Taiwanese engines are much better and consistent in quality.Some people abuse their engines too_On top of that these small engines are being run hard as compared with car or most motorcycle engines.Caveat emptor !
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    I agree, that's kind of what I gathered. I am also an avid giant scale aeromodeler, and the Chinese engine (gas 2 stroke) revolution made it into our hobby as well, but regardless of the US vendor selling it, the engines were really put to the test by the hobbyists, and after the smoke cleared you could definitely see the winners.

    There were definitely some good engines that were identified, this also really helped the newby from getting burnt the first time around.