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    Although I am a new forum member, I have been lurking here for three months or so, reading the entries and examining the pictures. Several years ago some friends and I created a small company building string-trimmer powered bikes using a friction roller drive. The name of the company was "Zipcycle" and over a period of 7 or 8 years we built 2,000 or so bikes. Now that I am retired, I still build a few (very few) for friends and family. I am now finishing a sidecar for the Zipcycle, and plan to do a few board track racers. Great site, and many great ideas. Too many projects, so little time.

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    welcome to MBc Tom ! :D
    after the anti-spammer delay...we need pics !!!
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    Welcome to MBc Tom,see ya around the boards!:rolleyes:
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    There is no more anti-spammer delay!

    Welcome Tom!
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    welcome to MBc, Tom
    I can't wait to see your zipcycles & sidecar.
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    wow! i saw your pics before i found your intro, tom...i guess i can say i'm spoiled already :)

    welcome to the MBc 8)
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    Hey Tom and welcome to MBc!:cool:
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    I think you talked to a guy from Eva named "Jack" last week, he bought one of your bikes at Goodyear in Cullman, now he's experimenting with different frames and engines.

    When I learn how to load pix on this new forum, I have a question from a ZipCycle owner who came by from Altoona, has what I think is a collectors model. It looks to me like it was customized by the Choctaws in Mississippi before you put the engine on.

    Like I said, gotta get a handle on resizing pix, I took about 8 of his cool looking bike.

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    Welcome to MBc, Tom! :)