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    I'm Bob from Burbank!

    Currently in the process of finishing an installation of a rear mount Grubee Stage III kit with Huaseng (sp) 4 Stroke on a 26 inch Diamondback Response mountain bike.

    Wanted to motorize for a long time but preferred a 4 stroke but could not afford the kit. Guy on Craigslist had one in the box sitting that he thought he could not install for about 1/3 the cost, so I was done..

    Instructions are poor at best. About 8 hours in it so far.

    Could have finished tonight but the kit contained a throttle cable for a front frame mount engine that is WAY too short for a rear mount, so I have to go hunting for one tomorrow.

    Any suggestions who would carry a longer throttle cable that would work locally? A motorcycle shop perhaps?

    Last - I need a chain breaker. Tried to punch out the pin as suggested.. yeah... right... Might hit up a motorcycle shop for that too.

    I'll post pics when it is complete and running. If I can solve the cable problem and chain issue I'll be riding before tomorrow is over.

    Looking forward to local commutes. This saves me from buying another car.

    If you are in my area, lets ride. :cool:

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    Best Of Luck...
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    Welcome to the forum. I can occasionally find things like throttle cables at powersports (quad) shops. I have seen some on EBAY also.
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    Welcome to the site!
    Do you have a "Northern Tool + Equipment" near you? They carry cables and chains.
  5. highcap56

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    Thanks Folks! I found a Honda Elite cable that worked with a little surgery.

    I'm struggling with getting the chain to not bind and getting enough clearance between the sprocket and the frame. It is very close and with spacers it helped but I had to get a make shift axle out of threaded stock (spell that JUNK) because the quick release would not fit anymore, so I'm a little concerned that I may need another bike.

    I'm whining in this thread and have photos:

    Appreciate any and all replies. I have not started the motor at this point, but have greased up the gearbox and getting ready to fill it with machine oil and get the engine oil in.

    Have to solve the chain issues before I really see a need to go further.