Hello from Denver I ride Schwinn Jaguar 48cc

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    Hello from Denver (Westminster) Co, I ride a Schwinn Jaguar 48cc every day to work downtown 22 miles a day.
    I am building a Schwinn Spoiler as a Chopper with Harley Peanut tank and 80 cc, still working out the chain drive setup. but its such a way cool bike.
    I am a Christian Street Rodder check out Crizin4Christ.com
    I just tonight met John the Large Filipino at Lowes he was righing his bike in the rain!!! good man!!!
    Be safe out there everyone and Praise Jesus for every day you have :)

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome. Considering you location I was going to suggest that you speak with Large Filipino. but you beat me to it. And I'm glad to hear that you're both out riding. It's a nice feeling to be out in bad weather (with the proper clothing) and thinking, "So what?...Who cares?".

    I'm installing good lights on my bike at the moment. About tomorrow I expect to be able to ride after dark. And they'll be bright enough that darkness or rain or both won't be able to stop me. I can't wait.

    We'd like to see photos of your bike.
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    Amen brother and welcome. Did Mr Large recrute you? HeeHee
    Your lucky to have someone like him close if you run into a MB snag
    you cant figure it out. Oh no, if he's a Lowes that means there's a bike
    modification coming soon.:smile: Safe travels motel36. I'll check out Crizin4Christ
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