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    Hello everyone

    I have just moved to Wilmington NC and I am sharing a car with my girlfriend currently. I have a job and she is looking for a job so we are looking into another vehicle so that we can both get to work. I have a recumbent trike that i used to love to ride back and forth to work when my comute was only 20 miles round trip. Now that I live farther from work and the roads have less of a paved shoulder I am thinking of putting a motor on my bike. I have been reading this forum and doing all the research I can online. I have been considering getting a Staton chain drive with a 35 or 50 cc motor. I need to read more to figure out which size will best suit my needs. My trike is a green speed gto. It has a cromoly frame and is made for heavy touring so I am leaning more toward the 50cc for it's HP but I also want it to get the best gas mileage possible. Thats about it for intros.

    Be Well ~Bodhi :cool:

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    Hello bodhi. Welcome aboard.

    I'm no authority, but I'll bet the difference in gas economy between the two will be negligible. (Did I spell that right? It looks funny. Oh well...)

    I'd be more concerned with what sounds like a situation where you are right in traffic, on a fairly wide machine, but not able to keep up. there's some danger there.

    so you might wanna consider a two-wheeler. but if you drive your recumbent wisely you can probably make it work.

    In either case, get her motored. You won't regret it.
  3. Welcome!

    Steer all curious onlookers to this site, so they may have the benefit of all the experience gathered by the members. Keeps people from wasting their money on something from a rip-off artist, or getting into something over their head, etc.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks for the advice blue goat and don. I look forward to getting this project underway. I have been checking out my local bike shops seeing who will be able to make me the custom rear wheel. Wilmington seems like a pretty bike friendly place. Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Be well
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    Welcome to MBc. With either engine, you should be in the neighborhood of 150 mpg. I'd advise you go for the Honda 50cc, should provide plenty of reliable power.