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  1. Newport

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    Hi, Newport Oregon here. (trying to) ride a Greenline 7 speed beach cruiser with 66cc Grubbee GT-5 and SBP Shift Kit.

  2. PatrickW

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    Hello there, Newport. Say you are trying to ride a beach cruiser with 7 speeds...I can not fathom what the problem might be..the 7 speed is the 'easy way' to get seven gears. You should have one foreword sprocket, and seven on the rear cassette. So, you should have no shifting on the front cassette, and can use all of the seven on the rear cassette. As far as your gas engine goes, I'd make a point of keeping my pedal gears in the center (1 front...3 or 4 on the rear)...Those are really to get you going before you kick in the motor. After that, you should be good to go!
  3. Newport

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    My issue is the darned motor will not start. I know I've got a spark from the plug, Totally cleaned out my carb, I know I've got compression. I added some starter fluid and got some anemic sounding popping noises but other than that, no go. My next thing to check is woodruff keys and or timing. It is my understanding that its' continuous spark so long as the engine is cycling timing shouldn't be an issue. With the SBP Shift kit the only way to start is by pedaling, whereas with a standard left side chain sprocket set-up the engine can be started as long as the bike is moving. I've spent untold hours and far more $ than I intended so far, this project was supposed to be an inexpensive way to get around and it's just turned into a nuisance. For the money I've spent I could have had a crappy albeit drivable car! Not being a mechanic I'm taking it to a small engine repair, maybe they can help. Some have suggested adding a centrifugal clutch/pull start but everything I've read indicates that they have a very high failure rate. Thank you, Patrick for replying, if there is anything you could suggest I'd be most eager to listen.
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    I'd try another CDI, yours might be defective, plug could be cracked . Spark, and spark under compression, can be two different things. Are you sure choke is open, and carb is getting air ?