Hello from NZ!

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  1. Bmxx

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    Hey guys my names Ben, I'm getting a china kit soon for my bmx, I'm a mechanic apprentice and fabricator.

    I plan on making it as light weight as I can with possibly no pedals, dirt tire for forest tracks and a bunch of engine mods, I've been checking out the info that jaguar has on his website and feel like I can work with his experience to make a really fun toy!

  2. msamigo

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    You need to visit the Cycle House in Napier - World's largest Bicycle Engine Museum
  3. Bmxx

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    Oh yeah? That's sounds like a lot of fun, my friend and I are both building these bikes so I'm sure he would enjoy it also, Cheers :grin5:
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    Welcome Ben to the forum! Why is it the aussies claim to be down under when NZs are underneath?
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