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    Good day Eh ? :tt1: Gotta say that I love this site and have found lots of info on MBs in general and specific applications to a practical way of getting from point A to point B. I look forward to " picking your brains " and have a plan of a chain saw motor on a full suspension mountain bike.

    Looking thru the " Projects and Builds " section I am amazed at the ingenuity and simplicity of some of the bikes that owners have posted. Thanks to all for helping others in this, my brand new, hobby. BTW at the age of 12 I was given a 2.5 horse B & S 4 cycle and somehow or another I got it mounted up on a 20 " banana bike with coaster brake. Only rode it once cause the engine fell off and just before that the rear tire blew. :ack2: Anyways I am at my midlife crisis and am itching to do it again.

    This time the right way.

    Pleased to meet you all and look forward to seeing your posts

    Thanks for being here