hello guys i just picked up a 1999 whizzer just need some advice help please

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    ok before we start yes i know about the issues of valve seats and over heating.

    Ok here is the deal i picked it up today had "68miles" on speed-o not shure if that is true dont care to much. I got it home took it for a 10 mile ride worked fine rear sheave was alittle out of alignment easy fix after i got home but the thing does 45 easy and gets there fast not expected out of a wc1 that was supposedly stock. So i pulled the head and was carbon every where bad i wiped down with gas and rag to clean up for now. pulled carb off and found no restrictor tube also i took pics of head and top of cylinder (cylinder is still in bike) for you guys to look at and tell me if has been modded in some way if posible to tell i keep hearing about not enough meet on head for gasket but this one has plenty gasket is not that thin but not to my likeing will make new one to more match head soon.

    let me know if you need more info oh the motor serial is wme006960

    thanks Chris

    P.S. that 45mph was confermed by my buddy following in my subburban callibrated speedo by my CHP buddy and my gps oh and the wizzer is a 1999 24in not a 26in

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    the pics are alittle big i can tone them down if need be but would like them decent size so it would be easyer to spot any changes

    2012-10-17 00.23.14.jpg 2012-10-17 00.23.30.jpg 2012-10-17 00.24.00.jpg 2012-10-17 00.24.27.jpg 2012-10-17 00.24.51.jpg
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    ok was about feed up with the belts on the slip clutch but then i made it work perfect yey dont have to rev at stops to keep running. thanks Quenton at ezm for the guids and help on the forum was usfull info i found

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    well i took my bike to a car show mostly low riders and won a trophy. I didn't expect to win any thing lol here is a pic of my bike and a bleary pic of me the bike and the trophy. next thing to do is to put the ne5 cylinder on it.

    motorbike2.jpg trophy and bike.jpg
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    wow today i got a strange whistle whooshing sound from the engine so i pulled the head and found a crack around the left bolt hole just in front of the spark plug the one that the threaded rod goes though so now i am wondering how many miles were actually on this bike as i torqued all the bolts according to Q's specs for the wc1 funny thing is valve seats are fin but head cracked i was wishful thinking i could put off getting the new cylinder until i could get a pay check in but i guess not. now im stuck with a wc1 paper weight until i get some more money
  6. mason_man

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    I had that happen once too. if you can find a 2003 panther head, it's still WC-1 but with the 10mm plug that will solve that. you should also get the head kit to get rid of the long studs, ( crankcase to head)
    Nice WC-1 and thophy too!

  7. GinOkami84

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    yea trying to find a head is not that easy. i would love to convert it to ne5 but seems all i can find are ne-r kits and i don't know if they will fit the wc1 i am tempted to make a head out of a block of aluminum.
    oh and thanks, it shocked the heck out of me when i won.
    but i really need this thing back on the road as it is my dd so i can park my gas hog at $200 to fill up compared to $5 is a big difference and the money i save will go in to the bike :evilgrin:
    if any one has a cylinder upgrade kit or a cylinder head i could use on the wc1 then pm me with a price plz
  8. mason_man

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    There's a good chance that Quenton will have both, you should give him a buzz, also use a copper head gasket,will help to run cooler.

  9. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Sorry been absent due to family medical issues.

    I have the kits to replace the studs. May be able to help you upgrade to later cylinder & head or upgrade your WC-1 cylinder & head.

    Often the head was warped or the cylinder wasn't decked, and put the head in a bind. The WC-1 head was offered in several versions and some were more fragile than others. In 2002 [Pacemaker II] the sparkplug hole was reduced to 10 MM and used the C7E sparkplug. I have all versions of the WC-1 head in stock and are very in-expensive.

    New upgrade [valve seat set screws] appears to be working well as over 40 testers still report 100% results during the last 8 months.

    Have fun,
  10. GinOkami84

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    i would love to upgrade to a ne5 due to a little lower heat as i live in a desert the cooler the better problem being im on a tight budget (don't have steady work) thinking of casting my own water jacketed cylinder and head (not just modding one but using a sleeve and working from scratch )adding a thermostat pump and radiator will be a small pump about the size of the derbi gpr impeller on it's pump but that will come later need to make a forge as i could not move mine from tx lol. so for now and until i get the right design i will try to upgrade im not sure about the supposed ceramic ones joe is coming out with as his engineering is half (bleep) at best good idea probably flaky ceramic though you cant skimp on that process he offers a ceramic for the yama zuma 125 but have heard nothing of it at all

    any way quenton let me know what you recommend for my area i can do a lot of coating and what not here i just would like to know what materials and which cylinder and head you recommend OG seams to be very happy with your cylinder and head on his hot rod lol Im not looking for a hot rod just something that might do 50 or 45 and still run cool enough to not have to stop every 5 to 10 min. Oh and if i do manage to water cool one what temp do you thing is best for the whizzer motor

    i know ran sentences together not working on much sleep for the past 3 days fence work and cleaning

    ok long wind aside quenton i do hope your wife gets better and probably on behalf of every one on this forum thanks for still sharing you wealth of knowledge

    best regard chris
  11. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    You can make the average WC-1 motor travel at 45 MPH without a lot of expense.

    The cylinder can be modified to hold the valves seats in place [with set screws installed]. The head gasket can be changed to a copper version to transfer heat better.

    The head can be milled .060" to increase compresiion and make bike run much better.

    The camshaft can be advance one tooth to make it run leaner [too rich in stock form.

    The long studs from the crankcase need to be removed and replaced with a bolt kit [have them in stock].

    I wouldn't be too quick to consider anything from Joe in Tiawan as he has failed at almost every venture he has suggested [I now have a box full of his latest efforts concerning the automatic clutch and guess they will make great "boat anchors"].

    Have fun,