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    hey guys tw1gz here. I am a 21 year old from phoenix arizona. I have been struggling with opiot addiction since I was 18 and am finally givng up and seeking help. And going to a halfway house that is really great i have been to before but was not there by choice or willing.I have never worked a day in my life besides 3 months of being a telemarketer (IM SORRY! lol) so i am excited to finally start making some $$$ (late bloomer :[, } and paying to live at my halfway house. I got a dui 2 years ago (tent city sucks i learned my lesson) and cant afford a interlock+gas+a new car+insurance. BASICALLY what im getting at is it looks like in the market for a motorized bicycle. I am recovering from a hospital stint (not drug related) and have two weeks till i go to my halfway house in the heart pf phx (good for this!) so the way i look at it is i have 2 weeks to make the best economical decision on a bike that will be one of the tools i use to change my life around. I am still researching but i am having a little trouble if anyone has any recommendations, buyer tips, also if anyone knows the laws in phoenix arizona it would be much appreciated i tried researching it but had a little trouble, i believe as long as i have 48cc i am ok?

    anyways i hope my past does not curve your judgement on me! i am a nice guy and love to have a good time. im sorry for any drug references i was just letting you guys know my situation. its time for me to grow up.

    besides all that. i love music (all kinds) video games (rpg racing shooting you name it, skateboarding, mountain biking all that fun stuff

    im here to LEARN!

    =] cheers

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    Welcome aboard. Best of luck in your recovery. I wouldn't feel right offering a lot of personal advice. After all, what do I really know? I'm not sure it's all that much. But I'll offer one item: It's true that working at the bottom of the wage scale often stinks. But long-term unemployment really is worse. Try to keep that in mind when things feel like they're getting kinda tough.

    As for transportation. Arizona, I think, was about the first state to write laws specifically making small engine assisted bicycles clearly legal on the roads. You should be okay there.

    I would advise getting two bikes. One is your back-up. Because there will be times when you step out to go to work and find that something is wrong with your bike. Having a back-up helps there.

    Good luck to you.
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    i appreciate the advice! i have a mountain bike from walmart that is horrible but i will make that my back up until i can afford a better back up. have a great day man
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    congrads on seeking help dear friend and welcome also i to am new to this site, and live in australia and feel your pain .... no need to elaborate but i for one know your pain and believe if you fight for another day that is what you will get but if you dont then obvious all goes to hell thats the easiest way for me to put...being addicted for 3 years is still to say the least, is only the beginning of your journey, i truly understand where you are coming from and what your going through....im from melbourne australia, and have a similar past/present life.... but ive learned to accept my past and my demons...the main thing is to be able to endure from your past actions, REALISE, RECTIFY AND REVOLUTIONIZE YOURSELF.... YOU HAVE A LONG JHOURNEY BUT KEEP AT IT AND NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE, IF PPL ARE ASHAMED TO KNOW YOU THEN THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, BE READY FOR JUDGMENTAL PPL BUT DO NOT LET THEM GET TO YOU, FOR THEY REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH, I REALLY DO AND SO YOU DID THE RIGHT THING CONFESSING AND REALISING THE ADDICTION IS ONE MAIIN STEP THEN SEEKING HELP AND ESPECIALLY STICKING TO THE HELP, DONT TRY IT ON YOUR OWN, MAKE SURE OYU HAVE ALOT OF FAMILY SUPPORT, IF THEY ARE AROUND...AND CLEAN SLATE OF FRIENDS, STAY AWAY FROM BAD INFLUENCES, IM NOT SAYING DONT GO HAVE A JOINT EVERY NOW AND THEN, WHY NOT? I SAY ...LMAO.... BUT DO IT IN MODERATION, addictive personality is way worse then just an addiction my friend...there is a clear difference if your not familiar and can be mislead easily...

    personally im from australia and i ride a 800cc motorised mtb and the police here dont allow them..but we do what we do regardless of them but i do obey all road laws and stay out of trouble do reasonable speeds and alwats give way ...aslong as you are doing the right thing on the road and not being an idiot on the road im sure no one else will mind....its ashame few of us mmtb riders have to suffer at the hands of some teenagers in a our country...

    great transport cheap efficient fuel efficient and even not so noisy and bad on pollution./// i truly believe this paves a new revolution in traveling for alot of ppl but the government unfortunately dont make enough money of us riding these so they banned them.....
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    and to add these bicycles can and will keep you busy and may even lead to something you truly love, esp if your interested in building your own or servicing yourself also...take it form me,...i knew nothing before and bought my first bike for 400, now i am selling them for 380 each fully assembled here in australia
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    so much you can do to these and also so much fun you can have, but if you are trying to stay out of trouble keep it simple and as quiet as possible and if you see cop just keep pedaling and stay under 20mph
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    thank you so much for the advice i seriously appreciate it i liked the part about fighting every day. Heroin will no longer control me and i am gonna do what it takes. and yes! i used to have a little 80cc dirt bike and missed it so much when it broke, i see a new hobby in my future.

    im debating going 48cc or 66 cc.i kindof want a 48 that way if i see a cop i can be a **** back to him if he is one to me if i was going 20 or under. but if have a 66 cc there is no real way to tell unless they bus out a ruler and measure it right? i wonder how many people who get pulled over get measured. cheers.
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    fact of the matter is if they wanted to they could find a way to give you a ticket but there is no actual way to tell the size of engine and capacity unless its taken to a place to be tested and that is too much work just to give you a fine would be easier, unless your buying on a from a store sometimes they are labelled clearly the cc etc.... but if you are doong the right thing and not disturbing anyone then you should be fine... cops are di... to those who are di... ,,,that being said o guess its up to the individual ridng the bke..and how you operate it whetehr a safe manner or not...

    go with an 80cc build it yourself if you like and can..so much fun..and def do it yourself will save you so much trouble and give you a world of knowledge also...you can find step by steo guides..i bought my first ride and now build and sell these for a living in my backyard..have sold plenty and no major failures except the magneto coil going out on the same buyer .....

    but everyoine else all good
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    I am most certainly "not" making a negative judgement on you. On a daily basis there are people in society who are engaged in far more destructive and damaging activity than anyone with an opiate addiction: politicians immediately come to mind, and the damage that they place on society can barely be counted - think no further than the American national debt; enslaving future generations not only into crushing poverty but endless poverty without an escape parachute.

    A valiant attempt trying reform from opiate addiction shows more inner strength and greater moral fortitude than any politician or law maker could ever hope to muster.
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    One thing i can assure, is that a motorized bicycle addiction is far more powerful than any opiate addiction.

    You won't even notice opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms, because you'll be too busy trying to sort out mechanical componentry dramas and issues with the electrical system.

    When you finally achieve reliability, you will have a smile from ear to ear; so big that it will need to be surgically removed to live a normal life.