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  1. numbhands

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    finished build on bike last month - lots of fun trying to get air filter to fit

    looking for antivibration ideas - I wrapped an inner tube around handle bars??

    looking for carb / throttle adjustments for more speed - have read about 32T but just put this puppy together not ready to change that

    looking for possible use of windshield fairing ideas suppliers

    please help:jester::jester:

  2. azbill

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    I have heard of using the spray expandable foam inside bars
    lead shot as well (I think the foam is easier to find and cheaper)
    hope that helps a little :cool2:
  3. AussieJester

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    Maybe instead of trying to cover up the vibration, stop the vibration at the source! I have seen both neoprene bushes as per used in cars used in mounting the motors also the rubber from skateboard trucks (i forget their proper name now)...OH for a fairing...i have a pocket bike fair i cut up for use on a bicycle, never fitted it but holding it in place it looked the part...hope this helps OH and WELCOME to the forum...
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