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  1. Hi, I'm Chris from Central Wisconsin. I bought the "80 cc" Kit from King's Motor Bikes. The kit was originally put on a Schwinn Ladies Collegiate from the 1970's, but my friend's dad kinda did a bad job, and messed up, making me blow gaskets, starting hard, and overall, making the experience bad.

    As I had to do all the repairs from his mistakes, I just decided to switch frames to a Men's Schwinn High Sierra Mountain Bike from the 1980's. This bike finally has plenty of room for clearance, as well as safe breaks.

    I am not done with the bike change yet, bu I want to thank all of you for your help is getting it done. You really don't understand how much I appreciate it, as I have no where else to ask for help.

    As the bike gets fully assembled, I will probably ask for help to improve idling, but until then, enjoy some nice holiday cheer.


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    Hey! I'm glad you're building a relationship with the motor. You putting the work in yourself may help you out more in the long run.
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    Aug 4, 2006
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    I too switched bikes mid-stream... My first one was a lousy piece of crap, and then I switched to my green mountain bike which made for a much better safer bike.