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    I'm a retired welder. I live in Western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have recently completed a motorized bicycle. My bike is a Schwinn Deluxe Seven repro frame with a Mongoose D40r fork. It has a frame mounted Honda GXH50 engine with a Grubee gearbox. It has a 44T sprocket with a clam shell adapter.

    A friend and I built a motored bike when we were kids much like the one I have now. There was much more custom work on it because we didn't have access to the stuff you can get now. (No Ebay in the 60's. :) It was dangerous. It had one caliper brake that barely slowed it when going down hill. At 12 and 13 we were probably too young to be riding anything with a motor on the public streets but I'll never forget the thrill of that first ride. It came back a few weeks ago when I took the first ride on my new baby. I've owned and ridden many miles on all kinds of motorcycles from Honda Super Cub to Harley Cruiser and had a lot of good experiences on all of them but none of them are like 35 or 40 mph on a motorized bicycle.

    If anyone would like to trade a 56T sprocket for a 44T please email me rjonese53@gmail.com
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    hey rjones, welcome aboard
    there is a ton of info round here
    I've been up round your neck of the woods, can't wait to find an excuse to head back that way again;)
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    Welcome to MBc! :)