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    I am very new to MB and while researching I came upon this board. It has
    been a wonderful find and I have been reading through it a couple days now.

    I am a full time RVer and have been living in a small town in TN called Baileyton. Baileyton is a really small town, really really small. I had been walking to the small town for supplies and recently picked up a bike that had been tied on the back of a neighbors RV for a very long time.

    Got it cheap and cleaned it up removing rust and it looks pretty good now. I think it was one of those deals where the older guy who owned it picked it up and rarely used it and then tied it to his rear ladder and it looked like it was there a long time. But I was surprised how brasso and a lot of elbow grease removed the rust from the rims and derailers. The tires and brake pads were like new.

    Besides replacing the horrible seat, I have a 48CC Motor kit (Ebay), due to arrive on Wednesday, the 27th. Looking forward to the conversion and I have been arming myself with the knowledge I have been gleeming from this board. Its a standard Huffy with a V frame and no surprises so I am thinking its going to be a easier install than many I have seen.

    Look forward to having my MB to explore this area as running the motor home costs me about 50 cents a mile so I avoid that. I am lucky to be in a state where under 50cc on a bike is legal and no hassles.

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    So cool! Send pics when you get it done, and with your RV too. I've often considered just getting a Airstream and a old pickup to pull it, and heading out in no particular direction.
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    Thanks Larry, I will. This is a really vintage rig, a 1979 Itasca Sun Cruiser (24 FT). A good friend was going to Germany for three years and she let me have it. I like all the Oak and purple carpets :) Since I live alone its been a really good size for me and i have set up up for my comfort. Its a really quiet park with lots of countryside, three ponds, and a lot cheaper then the old apartment. Came out of Seattle back in January through CA and then across on I40. Was in VA Beach a while but will probably be out here in TN through the winter, I like this country living and TN has a great MB law :)
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    Well I'm Brad, Larry is the man with the quote... Do you ever feel cramped in 24' ?
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    Oh, heh, sorry Brad,

    If it was more then just me I am sure I would but I have it set up for just me and there is plenty of room. For instance the bed that would pull down in the front is all storage. The 2nd closet I added shelves instead. I always keep the bed open in the back and built a drawer under it. The table is now a desk with a shelve. The computer is mounted on the opposite side. A LCD Tv is mounted so I can watch it from the table/desk or swing it around to watch in bed. Efficiency is key. Never been so emergency prepared too with battery and generator backup, 44 gallons of water, propane for cooking, heating, and refrigeration if needed, all 12v lighting and ventilation.
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    Well I can't wait to see your bike! Good luck with it, and take it really easy on the break in. I did, and mine is still humming along 3 years later.
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    Oh yes, I will be taking my time and taking it very easy on it during break in.
    I am very anxious for my motor to arrive though, lol.
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    welcome to MBc! good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring!
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    hi BillieMarie, i live in tn too.huntingdon. in western tn. i live in the country as well. my ride into town is about seven miles. i use a trailer to carry my supplies in. i'm in the heating & ac bussiness, & have even made a few service calls with my bike. anyway welcome, & good luck.
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    Thanks Quay :)

    Heh, My motor arrived in Nashville last night and wondering when they will update the tracking to show it still heading in my direction :)

    Thanks crazeehorse.

    I was very happy when I looked into this to find TN so accomidating to MBs. I too could see myself conducting business from a MB. I am about 15 miles from a major town but do most my shopping locally. Have a basket but like that trailer idea.
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    this is a good price for a trailer, i would have bought it, but i had allready built one before i found this one.

    here is a link to the tennessee code as it pertains to motorized bicycles


    scroll down & click on the general index folder,(all the way down, on the left of the page), then select the letter M, go down the list , until you get to (motorized bicycle), click on it, all the laws are there. we are very lucky to have this code to access online, many states don't.
    also check this site , type bicycle trailers in the search block, & get lots of good ideas for trailers, & good bike mant. tips as well
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    Hi there, welcome.

    Done a little full-timing myself.
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    Vrooom! Motor installed and it works good but not without a few lil things...
    I knew the minute I laid eyes on it that the chain tensioner was gonna be a problem. After having the chain derail a couple times I removed the tensioner and removed another link from the chain making it fairly snug. Slid the tire back a bit and adjusted and no more problems. I think I will get one of those tensioners from Tractor Supply that I seen mentioned on here. Well the main install is done now and it runs great. Not done with it but happy so far :) Perhaps I will pull the muffler tomorrow and tweek it a bit.
  14. motoschwinn

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    Leave a bit of play on that chain. Don't set it really tight. It'll stretch some anyway after awhile. I got one of those roller bearing tensioners, works great and really quiet. What are you going to tweak on the muffler?
  15. BillieMarie

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    I read a couple places on here that a few small holes in the core increases power quite a bit. Trade off is a lil bit more noise but I won't go crazy or anything.