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  1. Thaxos

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    I am quite excited on starting to create an electric bike for myself, and I live up in Canada so things are not going to be as easy to order online wise.
    I look forward to being here amongst the knowledgeable and helpful people.

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    hi thaxos; welcome. where in ca.? lot of help here. some real hip electric guys.
  3. Thaxos

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    Canada Is Awesome

    Manitoba, in the 'Peg of course!
    Slurpee Capital!

    Yeah, I have one of those carny games e-scooters that I've disassembled to get at the series wired SLA batteries, 12V each at 4.5A and the MY68 DC Motor 24V 6A 100W.

    Trying to figure out a way to make it work with a bike in terms of belt drive to the wheel. Searching the forums but there isn't really any post explaining where to get this 'GEBE' everyone talks about or a simple way of converting belt to chain. Friction (?) or direct contact with the wheel is not a good idea here since it rains/snows often and I want no slipping of the motor on the wheel.
    I'm a fit guy, 17 yrs old and about 110lbs, I'm on the slim side of things but all in all, I don't mind pedaling but I have asthma and gas prices are ridiculous. I love biking and would really like a way to help me get longer distances so a bike ride to the University for next year wouldn't be so tiring.