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    Well I am obviously new here. I am from the Atlanta, GA area. I have just been looking around the last few days for a motor scooter or something and I stumbled upon motor bike kits. The sites I've been seeing are around $200 like on Kings and such. I know a mechanic friend who can help me put it all together. Right now I just need advice, like where to buy at a cheapish price and to get a deal. Powerkingshop on ebay seems like the cheapest way to go about it but I am not sure so any advice would be great.

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    Hello and welcome aboard.

    The only advice I could give is to watch out for e-bay vendors. Not all are crooks, but it looks like some are. And I don't know how to separate the sheep from the goats.

    On the left side of this web page is listed some vendors. You won't get the very cheapest price from them, but I'm certain that they all can be trusted.

    I bought mine from Dax and I have not been sorry. I'm sure that the same would have happened with the other vendors.
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    Okay I found Bikeberry from Google and they appear to have a sale right now for about $140. Thats not bad, you have the same 80cc model that everyone sells correct?