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    Hi. I'm getting ready to turn a mountain bike in to a motor bike. I had a Tomas moped long ago and loved it. I tryed buying a new moped and spent more time in the repair shop. The 2 stroke 80cc "realy 66cc" seems to be like the Tomas engine. Wish me luck and hopefully I can avoid others mistakes thru my new challenge.:D

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    Well I received my motor Kit from Boygofast and found a hole in the top of the muffler. The rest seems in good shape. I sent the seller a E-mail about the issue and waiting for a reply. I started stripping the bike of un-needed parts and getting it ready for the install. The front pole of the bike is larger than the kits clamps on the engine. I don't want to drill a hole in the frame; so, I'm going to make a adapter plate for it.
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    Welcome rapcom, I made a new thread for your posts. Some members have had issues with boygofast as you can read about here (you can vote and leave your own experiences when you have enough posts on the forum) http://www.motoredbikes.com/poll.php?pollid=163&do=showresults

    Best not to drill through the frame as you've probably worked out!