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    Realizing the sane thing to do, it's time to upgrade to more than just a bicycle helmet for safety's sake. What kind of helmet are you wearing?
    I've been contemplating the Bell Zephyr full face street helmet. The price is right and I used to love my Bell Star back in the 70's. I know a lot of you don't like the full face and they do take some getting used to, but I think they're the best way to go. If you've ever spilled in the street you will grateful for the fact you wore something to protect your face, road rash on the face aint pretty. .http://www.leatherup.com/p/Bell-Helmets/Bell-Zephyr-Red/Black-Full-Face-Street-Helmet/89774.htmlfull
    (copy and paste the url and tell me what you think)

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    I have been wearing a full motorcycle helmet during winter to keep my head warm.
    Today I was riding and thinking about the helmet post where one of the guys talked about neck injuries because of the weight of the helmet.
    Makes a lot of sense- if your body got jerked real hard, that weight would resist movement.
    Think I will get a lighter one like a Bell MX helmet that was mentioned in the post.
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    According to recent studies, wearing a motorcycle helmet does not increase your chance of a neck injury.
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    Keeeping my brain from freezin

    I agree, The full face would be considerably warmer on days like today Temps in the low 40's. That was too cold for for a fun ride. I used to wear an insulated neck warmer that velcro fastened around the bottom of the helmet. That worked really well. The zephyr is a fairly light helmet. I think my big head
    has already built up my neck muscles over the years, they can handle it. My friend told me my head was so big it had it's own moons circling it.
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    I found 2 helmets on e-bay...open face and an antique look. Really matches the style of my bike. I too find bicycle helmets not good enough. As far as full face, not comfortable with it. Neck injuries because of helmets? Rather have a neck injury than a bike involved lobotomy.
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    I just looked at thebellstore.com. 2009 models of the Mag 8 are selling for $90. I paid $128 for mine, the Pearl White, about six months ago at a Harley dealer. It is light and comfortable. And it allows me to look in any direction quite easily. If I get into night riding, lots of reflective tape on the helmet and a road crew reflective vest becomes standard apparel.

    The helmet is one-third of safe riding. I like to be seen, hence the white helmet. The second third of this mix is the brightest yellow bicycle riding jacket I can find, and leather-palm work gloves. I fully intend to stick out like a sore thumb. Still, some idiot 4-wheel drivers can't find the effort to move away from me as they pass.

    The last one-third of this mix is keeping speeds below the posted limits. On almost every ride, I pass city police and county sheriff deputies on patrol. They just watch me go by and leave me alone.

    Your future income fully justifies a good helmet. None are too expensive if they prevent any level of injury.

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    Modulator Full Face Helmet

    I went with a modulator helmet. Nice to lift the chin section when stopped to cool off or take a drink. If they fit properly, it does take some to get used to them. My head required a XXX which is the largest they make. A XXXX would have been welcome. The price one pays for brains? Didn't say I use them. )