HELP!air leak?

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7:18 AM
Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI
keep in mind, i just ride these and have someone else do the work :???: . but today i put on a new motor/carb, and it runs like doggy-doo :censored: . wont idle, wont generate any power to speak of, and have to keep the choke up quite a bit. air leak? what do you guys use to seal...silicone? plumbers dope?
air leak?

:censored: CRAP!I dont get it... :? i put a perfect-fiiting o-ring in place, and siliconed the outer part of manifold, the intake manifold and everything else is tight, yet it still dogs-out and wont idle. :cry:
there isnt much to do to adjust carb other than needle clip placement, which my other two carbs are set on the second and work fine.
any suggestions?
dang it to heck...put another carb on, and STILL no better :censored:
this sounds like (maybe) a gasket problem...intake, head, or lower jug...have you had a close look at 'em? the headbolts on mine were plenty tight when i discovered my lower gasket was shot. also, pull the plug and let's see how that looks, too. just some out-loud thoughts for ya...keep us posted.
You can start by removing the manifold and make a new gasket, or at least use some of your silicone and put some on both sides, then tighten it till it's just snug, then after a half hour tighten it the rest of the way.

Try a NEW plug...these Chinese plugs are not good, even new ones are not always good.
air leak?

thanks for your input, guys. *SIGH!* i did what you guys said, and still it runs all poopie. i think i'll volunteer my one day off a week to work w/spookytooth's wrench, fred. help him out and help me to learn these things at the same time. :p
good idea happy, learn what you can, then you will be able to fix your own stuff and maybe make some coin helping others :D :D :D
I won't recommend it because I guess its a fire hazard if your not careful but I use carb cleaner to find leaks. I spray a small amount around where it could be leaking (like where the carb meets the intake or the intake connection to the cylinder). When the engine sucks the cleaner through the air leak the rpm will change. Then cut the engine off and let the cleaner evaporate and fix your problem.
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