help? just got a new pet bike...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Vladimyr Vadi, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Vladimyr Vadi

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    hey y'all... got a serious problem... i just got a new 2-stroke automatic, 49cc Harley-looking mini-bike for myself as an Xmas gift and for summer fun, but had to (against my wishes) lay it down on its right side in the truckbed to get it home... it worked fine at the store where i bought it, but now that its home, it WILL NOT START for anything... everybody i talked to so far said the same thing i thought, about never ever laying a bike, of any caliber, down on its side... its got a pull start as well as an electric start, but for now, its just the pull, cuz the new battery was ordered yesterday and gets picked up from said store on the 4th of Jan...anyway, i figured it got flooded, so i waited over 24hrs to try to start it again, and from yesterday to today, no such luck... yes, i have made sure the choke lever was up in prime before pulling, and i do have bike experience, but not with this small of an engine, and as far as i could see after i good hunt, i cant find a fuel-line kill-switch, so i didnt(obviously) turn it off before laying it down in the truck...can anyone help me figure this out? with straight answers????

  2. james65

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    Of course we need to go to the basics: Check 4 spark, Prime through carb. More than likly electrical(just a guess).
  3. BchCruizer

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    No crooked answers now guys. I know how yal are.
  4. Vladimyr Vadi

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    thanks, but got the problem solved, anyway... but i will be here more often, in case i DO have more issues... i like the way y'all reply so quick... happy new year, y'all...
  5. sawdust

    sawdust Member we want to know what was wrong and how you fixed it..we do like a two way street here..more fun that way to see what comes back..tks