Exhaust Help! need advice on how to bend a exhaust without many or any tools?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tskrem, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. tskrem

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    hey, my exhaust and my pedals hit together. i am i need of someone to tell me how to fix this? will those exhaust clamps that some kits have work in some way??

    please help because i don't have many tools.

    Many thanks,

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Small can of propane is about $4-5 at the hardware store, maybe you could borrow a twist on flame-attachment, else that is probably $10 more.

    Heat and bend.

    Useful if you have any copper piping under the house....

    Just my amateur suggestion, a more proficient metal worker should pop up soon to blow away that idea.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    You could drill out the mounting holes on the exhaust flange. Get them wider and you'd be able to swing the muffler side to side until you have clearance, then tighten down. One advantage would be that "pedal click" would be your first warning that the muffler is coming loose.

    Go slowly. Only take a little at a time until you have the clearance you need. There's not a whole lot of room to work with.
  4. Jason74

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    When it came time to bend my exhaust, I thought I was out of luck. Due to a move a couple years ago, my tool inventory is rather small. Though I do own a propane torch, I had no vise or anything else to hold my exhaust as I tried to turn it. Finally, I came up with the idea to drill a couple of holes in a 2x4. I the bolted my exhaust pipe to the 2x4 (using the holes I drilled). Using the propane torch I heated up the pipe (this took a long time). Then, by standing on the 2x4 I was able to eventually get a pretty good bend on it. At first my only movement was from the bolts bending and the soft wood giving away, but eventually that movement stopped and my pipe it self began to move (bend). Fortunately I got it right the first time. I would have hated to have gone through it all a second time.

    Though you may be able to get by without certain tools, I don't think you'll be able to get by with out an intense heating source. I would guess that you will definitely have to either buy or borrow a propane torch.


    In my situation, I can't imagine that drilling the mounting holes would have worked. I had a lot of clearance I needed to attain. I think think that enlarging my mounting holes the much would have made for some future aggravation. But if someone needs just a tiny bit of clearance, that may be a reasonably easy solution.
  5. i changed my peddals for shorter 5" cranks and peddals and now they clear my muffler.
    my origional cranks were 8". I got the short ones off a exercise bike.
  6. Jason74

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    This forum seems to prove over and over again that there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

  7. fetor56

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  8. tskrem

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    Do u know of any places in adelaide to take it too?
    is it expensive??
    cheers for all your comments people.
  9. fetor56

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    Personally to be cost effective i would do it myself.....go to Bunnings/Mitre10/Banner,whatever has the Burnzomatic on special cos u DON'T really need the Mapp gas model.Propane gas works fine & after the jobs done u have the tool to free rusted nuts etc etc.
    Failing that look up Automotive Exhausts in the phone book & start calling...call any place that has an oxy.Engineering shops could do it but their expensive.
    Also ask friends.
  10. tskrem

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    Ok the Burnzomatic is 26 bucks at bunnings. is that cheap?
    and also how do i bend? do i just heat up the bend of the exhaust and then bend it slowly?
  11. fetor56

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    $26 doesn't sound like it's on special but nevermind....read my thread in how i suggest it's done.
    Also for your own peace of mind(before u buy anything) ring a few exhaust places & get a price...ya never know,someone might say bring it in & we'll do it for nothing. :whistling:
  12. tskrem

    tskrem Member

    ah. lets hope so. yeah it was 24 bucks
  13. bubbatgs

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    Old school trick!

    I like to use the old school trick! Fill the pipe with sand and lay it on a bench top. Using C-clamps you can bend to the desired position without deforming the pipe!
  14. Huntington

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    Any mechanic shop will have a torch and vise. I bet they wouldn't charge much to bend it for you. I would say about $20. Its easy enough to do yourself, if you wanted to spend the money on tools. Personally, I would buy the tools and do it myself. Part of motorbiking is building and your only as good a builder as the tools you own. I dont know if you have a harbor freight around you but its a super cheap place to buy super cheap tools. You can get a small vise and torch for around $25-$30.

    To do it, first plain your attack. Know where your going to bend. Sometimes you might need to expand the angle or twist. Place your pipe in the vise, the spot your going to bend should be about 1/2 from the vise jaws. Heat with all you got, if you can get the pipe red hot it will be easier to bend. I use a scrap piece of metal rod, stick it in the pipe to use as leverage. Bend slow and reheat as needed. your pipe will be all black and dirty but thats okay. clean that thing up with some sand paper or steel wool and paint with high temp engine paint found at any auto store. The end result will be, hopefully, a perfect fitting pipe with a better then factory paint job.

    I would also recommend at least a 6 pack of cold beer, 12 pack for the more experienced mechanics.

    (Or just take that 6 pack to the mechanic and offer a trade)
  15. tskrem

    tskrem Member

    lol thanks.. i just bent it in my uncles vise, working fine.
  16. Rab Ari Kohain

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    Fill it with sand and you can probably cold bend it. That is if you only need a little more clearance. Sand packed into the pipe will keep it from flatening at the bend point.
  17. V 35

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    Electricians use a tool, called a Hicky to bend conduit. The trick is, bend, don't kink.
    It takes more than propane to heat metal soft enough to bend the way your thinking.
    Propane torches are used in sheet metal work to soften [ aneal ] metal prior to
    working it, the plan is .. not red hot ... very warm, slow cooling.

    A nifty bender can be made out of old pulleys bolted down to a sturdy bench.
    Some fill tube with sand, to retard kinking. Hammer out kinks as they happen, don't let them grow !
  18. HeadSmess

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    theres two replies mentioning sand bending.

    a great option, if your starting from scratch and have a few inches excess either end to seal the pipe, and compress the sand.

    then you need heat.

    anyways. i have no tools. ok, i have some. but i have a knack of being able to find a skewball use for something as ordinary as a door jamb.... they do make fairly decent vices... :eek:

    yes, violence always wins :D

    so, basically...try some clamping and pressure... then maybe heat, and if it is a really huge bend job...plumbers have oxy sets... welders...in fact, its surprising just how common they are when you start looking...and beer is a mighty powerful persuader :)
  19. AussieSteve

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    Pretty hard to beat the local muffler shop. They did a great job on my stock pipe, grinding the weld off the flange then re-welding and refused to take any money.
    Yes, HeadSmess, beer is a wonderful persuader, even after the fact. I took him a dozen stubbies of my home brew in gratitude.
    Guess where I'm taking my expansion chamber for the bending and welding?
  20. TucsonDIrect

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    if you are going to bend the pipe heat it cherry red and bend it slowly :)