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  1. ok guys i need help maiden voyage lost the chain to the inside twice. tighten the tensioner all it would go rode lost chain right away. do i maybe have the sprocket too far out i have a rubber on the inside and one on the outside of the sprocket or do i need to take out a link and make it super tight. to get the chain back on all i did was set the top of the chain on sprocket and roll backwards

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  2. professor

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    Chain alignment is the issue.
    See if you can place a straight edge against the back sprocket and watch where it goes verses the drive sprocket. Make sure the wheel is straight in the bike frame.
    Do what you have to to make it align. I can't give you a tolerance, but if it were me it would be within an eight inch or so.

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    im sure you got it fixed by now i moved my tenchner torward tire and awy from tire wile i had it upside down with no fuel in tank and spun tire till it stayed on and the hand peddled it for a few to make sure it is straight and adjusted ever so slightly till it quit the poppin sound . no problems now watch the stock master link mine was real loose on the holding pin wound up buying a bunch of them from boy go fast im glad i did to . good luck and enjoy yourself.
  4. Dave C

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    Turn the sprocket around, dished side should be towards the spokes. That's where your misalignment is.

    Also, the 3 piece ring goes on the inside behind the rubber.

    Actually, that would make your entire rag joint assembly wrong. Search for a guide here on how to install the sprocket before you rip spokes out:ack2:
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    actually i can't beleive that it didn't break spokes right away with the 3 peice ring on the OUTSIDE of the sprocket?
    If that's on the outside, what's on the inside with the nuts tightend against it? just the rubber?

    also, i think your chain is too loose if all you had to do was put it on top of the sprocket and roll the bike backwards to get it back on.
    you should have to loosen the rear wheel and move it forward to get the chain back on the sprocket.
    you don't want the chain super tight, and you don't want it super loose. you need like 1/4" (not sure if that's the exact measurement) of up & down movement in the chain.