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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Rgvkid, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I just picked up a free kayak from my uncle that was a prototype with a small engine inside. I was thinking of pulling the engine to use on my bike but but im not sure if it is 2-stroke or 4 stroke.

    I can't find see a serial or specifis model. I know its older because i can't find info online either. It looks like it was a weed eater engine.

    Honda XHNXS 0314AA Thats all it shows on the sticker. Im taking that it is a 31cc because it says Displacement 31cm. The top of the housing shows OHV

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

    Forget it, I found that it is a GX31 4stroke. Awesome I scored!

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  2. Happy Valley

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    Sounds like a score, all around. If it were me I'd be tempted to leave it in the boat and mess with that. I bet it zips a kayak right along.

    The GX31 is a sweet little engine, unfortunatley it was discontinued in favor of the the 25 and 35.
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    Im going to try it out in the yak But eventually i'd like to mount a trolling motor to the Yak becuase of less noise and worry, Then i can use the engine to replace my blown poulan chain saw engine on my bike. It does look like its going to be fun on the water.
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    OHV stands for Over Head Valve, meaning it's a 4 cycle engine.