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    I need to pedal my bike in order to start so while I'm pedaling then I have to let go of the clutch in order for the bike to start it was just working fine now while I was going to work I tried this morning and the usual I did and the motor turns on for about 3 seconds and just cuts off any clue guys?

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    "and the motor turns on for about 3 seconds and just cuts off any clue guys?" --zero7201

    You must be saying that the motor actually fires up and pulls you down the road for a few seconds and then stops. Is that right? And it's an abrupt stop? As opposed to a shuddering and sputtering type of stop?

    I'm sorry to say that I'm not having any brainstorms just yet. But I wanted to get that straight so that I can give it some thought.

    And there's folks around here who have a lot more knowledge than I do. They'll be along and some of them will have some answers.
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    My initial thoughts is that it is fuel starved. If you have an on/off gas valve, remove the carburetor end and then turn in the fuel valve to verify fuel flow. If it flows properly put it back on. Try starting again. If same problem, try playing with choke and see if it's a fuel mixture issue. Was the gas in the tank new gas or same gas as was previously ridden with? Check to see if any of the carburetor mounting hardware needs tightening. If still same symptoms, pull spark plug and see if it's wet with fuel or not. If wet dry off plug and retry. If dry try using the choke a bit longer. Let us know your results.