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    So, I just wanted to tell about my mods on 66cc. I've taken off head gasket/milled head + ported intake and exhaust. Uno, now you need to be peddling a bit more before you try to start, because compression is very much higher. I haven't done a compression check , but can very much tell it's major. See, I weigh about 260, and now this little engine will run up any hill here in SW Va. at any clip.

    I love the way it's done, for a small china made engine. I'm running 32:1 synthetic and plug (NGK) burns a chocolate brown/tan.

    See, the reason I wanted to post this, was because I'm very surprised that a 66cc can do as well with a load as this little engine can. Also, bike is very heavy as well, with 28" wheels.:grin5:

    I run on average about 25-28mph..............Max mid 30's. It will now hold speed despite ........ I try to keep it from really going major rpm's.

    Hope that this continues......................See, with these bikes, you (ROLe- DICE?) Everyday, different situation..........:rolleyes7:
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    i just want to ask how does it perform without the head gasket any lleaks big boost in performace is it worth risking it
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    G, what is your gearing, and how much did you mill off the head, and what are the specs of your porting work?
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    Yes, you just need to make sure you use a good copper sealant atfer head gasket is removed , and head is torqued well at 12lbs in a Z pattern. I sanded head down going in figure eights to where you can still barely see sealing area of original head circle on a flat sheet of glass I used a heavy grade paper to a lighter grade to finish. I'm using stock 44T..........