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    hey hows it goin. i have built a cruiser style bike with a china girl installed, but now I am working on a 212cc build with CVT, board track racer style. Its gonna be pretty awesome. I am trying to find some one to quote how much a custom exhaust will be but i cant find the place to post it. anyways, hi.

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    Hi Hobojoe007 -

    Welcome to this forum. You are new here, so do a lot of reading. Building with a 212 cc engine will have its challenges. It is a really wide engine, but it has been used with very good results. I have a 160 cc Honda in my bike (see 4-Stroke Engine section, 2012 In Frame, 4-Stroke, Build-Off thread, pages 3 and 4 photos). I had to have somebody else weld custom exhaust using pipe/tubing that I cut into small 30-degree angles. (I paid an an amatuer welder $40 and a 6-pack of Bud.) Welding a series of those together allowed me to put in multiple bends in my exhaust route, moving that hot pipe away from my leg. A heat shield completes that installation and hides the ugly amatuer welding and keeps heat away from my leg. For the intake, some pipe plastic parts from a hardware store and flexible tubing helps keep the air cleaner out of the way. (I had to do a lot of cutting and fitting there as well.)

    Your engine is heavy, so I suggest getting a bike of big diameter steel tubing. Keep us posted and post photos of your build!

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    thanks man. Ya i have bought a Mens Roadmaster Luxury Liner Anniversary 26" Bicycle Frame thats big enough to fit the engine in and is sturdy enough to handle the torque. I am basically copying the design and build of a member called glennbo on the motorbicycling.com forum.
    I am using the same frame and engine. His looks like: http://motorbicycling.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=43001&d=1323617341 Anyways luckily I have some mechanical skills and i don't think that it will be that hard to do, its just that i don't have a whole shop full of equipment to help me. I am limited to bolt on parts and simple fabrication.
    Do you think that if i bought something like this: http://www.affordablegokarts.com/mm...e_Code=A&Product_Code=2506&Category_Code=99cc i could just bend it accordingly?
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    thanks ya i have some experience with these things so i don't think it will be that much trouble its just that for the exhaust I don't have an entire shop of equipment that i could use to fabricate anything. Everything i do has to be bolt on, and thats why this exhaust has been hard to get. I am basically copying the build of a member of the motorbicycling.com forum, glennbo. I have bought the same frame, a Mens 26in Roadmaster Luxury Liner and I am using the same engine, so everything should fit. His looks like: http://motorbicycling.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=43001&d=1323617341 Its awesome. Anyways im only 17 so i cant pay anyone in 6 packs but i do have money... As for the exhaust, it looks like this: http://www.affordablegokarts.com/mm...e_Code=A&Product_Code=2506&Category_Code=99cc might work, but I have to call and see if it fits the 212cc