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    I just purchased a 2 stroke engine from Livefast, the larger one, 80ccs?with an extra large sprocket for the rear so I can go up some steep hills, hopefully in the Berkeley area. I haven't put anything together yet--a little daunting! I am going to mount it on Sorrento Steel frame Diamondback Bike that I had around.
    I was watching a person named James in this area with his motored bike and thought I would like to see if I can put one together.
    I noted on the Livefast web site there was a clam shell type thing to help put the sprocket on the rear tire an I wondered how important that was? I am sure I'll need a lot of help with this project.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    A steel MTB like the Sorrento is one of the easier bikes to motorize.
    The clam shell sprocket mount is intended to help prevent you from breaking the spokes in your back wheel. It absorbs a little bit of the force but its very difficult to mount it without a small amount of wobble.
    You can bolt a drive sprocket to a disk brake hub, but you will need upgraded spokes.
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    Motorizinf my Sorrento

    Hi Wheelbender6, thanks for your response.
    I think I will skip the clam shell option and try to install the rear sprocket without this add on.
    Another question: I have taken the mountain bike tires off this bicycle some years ago and put on a thinner cross-road tire. Can I get away with a thinner tire? Or is fatter better for stability? I notice almost all motored bike I see on the site have what looks like mountain tires.
  4. Welcome here

    Hi Leif, you'll find plenty to read here, and do try the "search" button, as almost any general info can be found that way.

    MTB tires are the WORST choice for a street-ridden Motorbicycle. Best is to use a tire designed for street use.

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    Search tip

    Thanks for that tip on using the search button. I enjoyed your web site and hope to get by Sacramento sometime soon to see your place.

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    Cross tires should work fine. Just avoid knobby tires like MM said. They will wear quickly and provide "squirmy" steering
    I run a 26x1.75 inch tire (Performance Gotham). Some people are comfortable on a 1" (25mm) thick tire. Cheers