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    Hi everyone, I am new to MotoredBikes.com and just wanted to introduce myself; My name is Bill and I recently moved to Tucson from Atlanta, please don't hold that against me. :cool: I started a computer IT business here and trying to make a go at it.
    My brother a ten year MB resident of Tucson was just awarded world distributorship for China Gas StarFire engines; I know this don't make me an expert, but is does give me someone to divert questions to. With my fabrication skills we are currently designing a proto-type three wheeler drop-in e-motor and engine. I just recently started selling retail motor bike kits and parts.
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    hi there i would say have fun but unless these guys get a life i mayb leavn myself im more intreasted n mbs hen goin back 2 school
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    when you have time -- can you post some pictures

    we love to ride those motor bike things !!!
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    welcome from FH :)
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    G'day Bill & welcome.......looking foreward to your input man.