Hi from Oz......

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  1. Chooko

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    Hi everyone, just a quick one to introduce myself.....
    I live in Melbourne Australia, at a place called Rosebud.
    I have only completed a couple of builds, mine and a friends. I have a Chinese 66 (f80) on a stock H.O.S., no mods apart from better fuel hose and different spark...this is going to be changing soon..I want a full suspension, dual disc brake frame, with the SBP hd Shift Kit, iridium plug, ported exhaust and inlet, possibly different carb and air filter and definently an expansion chamber.....can't wait.
    Look forward to mingling......cheers!

  2. zwebx

    zwebx Member

    rosebud, not a bad beach there :) i used to have holiday house there
  3. jaikai

    jaikai New Member

    G`day Chooko, not long been here meself...seems a few members in vic, me included.

    Have to catch up one day

  4. schulze 123

    schulze 123 Member

    Hi Chooko,
    Welcome from a fellow Aussie in Adelaide.
    Cheers BJ
  5. Chookawatts

    Chookawatts New Member

    Hi Chooko,
    I'm also in Melbourne, and have just built a bike myself with a shift kit, delorto carby, expansion chamber, b6hs plug, reed kit and performance cdi and it doesn,t really go any better! just cost me a **** of a lot of money! a bit of tuning, jet resizing etc might get mine going better but I'm not too confident, I hope you have better luck with yours, I'm waiting on some much need advice on this forum
    Cheers Chookawatts
  6. schulze 123

    schulze 123 Member

    Hi Chookawatts,
    Just bolting performance parts on to a motor is only half the job,'The Devil is in the detail' as the saying goes. Once you have done some tweeking then you will reap the rewards. There is a very usefull book written by A.G. Bell on two stoke tuning that will serve you well and I think there is a link to a downloadable copy somewhere on this site.
    Any how all the best and hi from another Aussie.

    Cheers BJ
  7. Chookawatts

    Chookawatts New Member

    Thanks BJ, I'll look out for that book as I cant get this thing past 53.7kms at the moment, its looking pretty cool though