Hi from R.I.

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    Hello Everyone

    Very cool forum. Currently living in R.I. Working in the Industry. Producton machine build and repair tech blue collar worker. You can gather alot of usefull info here on bicycles with motors. I been riding mountain bike for awhile now, and some bike trials. My main goal is to build a couple of specific bikes such as these for starts. Ideas I've had are a really nice cruiser road rider possibly with a springer fork and another based off of my street, trial, park mountain bike for the woods kinda like bicycle moto trials is what I have in mind. Will try to start building very soon.
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    go rack mount!welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Frequent visitor here to Watch Hill though mostly in the fall for the striper run after all the tourists go home. :evilgrin:
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    I sometimes work part-time in Watch Hill during the summer parking cars.