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Hi from SE Washington



Hey peoples
Just wanted to say hi, from kennewick washington (part of the tri-cities).
So far only have seen me motoring around on my Golden eagle kit. LOVE IT.
The guys there have bent over backwards!
So far only one truck has hit me so far:cool:


Jim H

Another happy gebe'r, welcome! you're here so we'll assume the truck didn't kill ya?!!:eek:


Thanks to all

Got to pack it up today as every fr***in thing is out of wack:(((
LOVE it when it runs good. and when it does leave me stranded at least its easier to puh them my cars:)
Hopefull they canfix things. i got to learn to read EVERYTHING before i do things. It said to tighten all bolts after a few miles as things shake loose. So i did and later on in the instructions it said not to touch the tension bolt:(((((
So far lost the gas cap and the shifter nob.
Just found this forumn so i didnt realize how the cover touching the arm would change things. Arm took out the gear:(( so now i have 3 washers holding on the crank(helps with the belts stayin on) with the old gear (ruined) being the bolt in case the arms wants to take out the gear..( At least i sont lose the belt now:)
the covers been scraping for a long time and did the duct tape thing myself and it stays on now but now you'all say that the shifter arm cant touch it:( mines been rattling against it for a long time.
well not a long time compared to you guys like i said wish i found this forumn before:(
Live and Learn