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    my name is Thomas. I'm 18 and out of highschool. I have an old Trek 6000 Aluminum. I'm planning on mounting a Honda 2.5 HP G100 100cc engine. I'm was originaly going to mount it and have it gear and chain driven, but after looking at some videos on youtube.com i dicided to make it friction driven. I have 26" bike tires and I'm going to bolt a 5/8" bored GoPed spindle drive to the crank shaft. I'm not sure how fast it will go, but I'm exspecting 35-45mph.
    Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon so you can see some progress.:smile:

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    hi; just because you can doesent mean its a good idea. unless you weigh around 400lbs. you sure as **** dont need a 100cc. 48cc is the biggest legal. a 5/8" spindle is too small. im glad you are out of school. use your reading skills in the search mode. you do not have to reinvent the wheel. good luck. mitch
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    The engine is a :evil: Honda G100, but I don't know :???: if it is the 50cc or 100cc. It is a 4 stroke but it does run kinda slow. It was mounted to a McLane edger, which kinda makes me think it's a 50cc. When I pulled it up online they said the only way I would know was if I contacted a Honda store and gave them the model number. I'm not planning on ridding it on any streets really. Just in my subdivision and when I go on vacation to the beach in AL (alabama, It's a rural area so I don't think anyone will mind). Everyone rides scooters there and the speed limit is 35 and 45 mph. Don't think I'll get in trouble.:cool:
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    sorry i thought since you came to this site--scooters gave a site, if you think a cop cant tell a 100cc from a cantaloupe ok.
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    Excuse ME???

    I just told you I live in a rural area and i vacation in a rural area. Here are some pics of the engine. I also said I wasn't 100% sure on what cc engine it was!


    I do understand what you are saying. I don't think cops are idiots. All I'm saying is I'm not riding where i can get in trouble. And yes the engine is a little big but that is because it's a horivontal mount.

    Thanks for your input.
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    It is 100cc. Which is more than twice the limit for a motorized bike in most states...

    You'll definitely want to increase the friction roller diameter, though, unless you want to travel along at about 9 miles per hour. That would make it a REAL hill climber, but, not get you there very fast...

    With a friction drive,if you want to go up to about 19 MPH, at 5000 RPM, you would need a 1.25 inch roller.
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    The engine only...

    The engine actually only runs at 4200 rpms MAX. Thats without any load or resistance. The drive roller is 5/8 of an inch bored...not 5/8 of an inch diameter. the diameter is about an 1 - 1 1/2 inches in diameter. I originaly was going to mount a chainsaw but did not have a spare one laying around.

    And it may be a good thing if I can only go 15 - 20 mph.

    In most states you have to register your motor powered bike(motor cycle/Moped). Unfortunatly you have to have a vin #. A Bike does not.:???:

    I think i'll build it and see what happens. If its to fast or slow I may try to mount a small chain saw engine (lower cc engine) (when and if I have the money).

    I appreciate your input
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    Sounds a fun project, should be nice and quiet too at that low rpm. Check out some pictures of bikes from staton inc and Golden Eagle bikes. You could copy a similiar setup to that. Should be nice and reliable too, 100cc is kind of big but if you can get one then why not? should be a nice bike to ride. Probably the biggest hurdle would be balancing that thing! I can imagine it would be pretty heavy. A bigger silencer, some sort of pannier/saddle bag kind of cover and it should make it very stealthy! Looking forward to seeing the result.

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    Welcome to MBc. A 1.5" roller with a 4200 rpm max will give you about 20 mph (just my guess).