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    Hello, My name is Chris and I just recently picked up my first motorized bike! I hope to gain some knowledge through motoredbikes.com and to meet some cool people to get out and ride with some time! My bike is a complete customized bike that is more of an art piece rather than street ridable machine. I am in the works of getting it converted to run properly for the streets. The builder of the bike is Manuel Mueller from oldschoolgarage in long beach. His work is amazing and I am the the second owner of the bike. Built in 2005, its won 3 shows and has been featured in a few bike magazines locally and in Japan. Great history about the bike and great attention to detail. I cant wait to get this bike up and running so I can debut it at the bike ride down south on April 3rd :cool2:

    here is the bike
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    Hi and Welcome to Motoredbikes! Do you think you need a little better seat? What is the plan to make it rideable?
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    love the bike, thats soming i was going to for my next bike

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    :grin5: as harsh as it looks, it really isnt that bad. Norm from Venicemotorbikes.com is redoing the gas tank, drive chain route, and carb manifold. it was more of a show bike before but its definitely going to be a rider in a few weeks :helmet:
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    thanks! credits for the build go out to manny from oldschoolgarage.org :bowdown: