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    :cool2:Hi my son and i have been reading these forums for a while and decided to give it a try . We first used a HT 66cc in a 10 speed frame just to see what it would due and how reliable the motors are. well its been almost 8 months and its still running. We pulled the motor out and reinstalled it into a 20 inch chopper that i have had since i was 14 (old school) did some updates on the wheels and appearance, worked out pretty good although a little tougher to start then the bigger wheel bikes. My progect last winter was to take this old 3 wheel single speed trike and motor it up. I started with the HT but due to some physical difficulties and being old. I pulled that one out and installed a 2.4 hp four stroke with a mini-bike centrifical clutch. I still need to work on it ,like gearing it down alot. Right now it would probably due close to 40 mph once you get it going. and I need to reroute the pedal chain because the engine is in the way. As soon as i figure out how to upload a pic i will. DG from WI

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    Now THAT is a cool trike. You need a jackshaft set-up to gear it down.
    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Yeah i rethinking this again I think i'm gonna move the motor back and up so i can get the pedal chain. Just alittle ovesight on my part.
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    HI and Welcome, glad to see more cheeseheads in here. Great job on the trike.
    I claim not to make mistakes or oversights, I just make engineering changes.:whistling:
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