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    Nearly the end of winter here and looking to fire up the China-powered ebay -sourced 49cc 2-stroke kit-bike I assembled last year.
    10 Km to work and downhill all the way home:grin:

    It got me thinking again.:rolleyes:

    Chain snatch, noisy geartrain, clutch rattle, inlet-roar, exhaust-note chain ,bad seat,oil leaks etc. :(

    The only bit I was really proud of was the drive wheel I built and the aluminum sprocket to hub adapter I machined (to avoid the recycled tyre rubber-washer mount they supplied).
    There has to be a perfect solution, whether someone has posted it yet or not!

    Currently planning a 4-stroke, rear wheel tyre drive using the KISS design principle.
    I think I like buildin' as much or more than ridin':cool: