hi im a newbie . i need too build a electric bike . advice please

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by fredie, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. fredie

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    i ride all day about 80klm doing deliveries:grin:whats your ideas

  2. Ypedal

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    Deliveries ? and 80 kms per day !!!!! wow..!

    How much weight do you need to pull around ? flat lands or hills ?
  3. fredie

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    only envelopes. so the extra weight is low . 90% flat lands . i have been reading many threads an i like the motor at the crank. or maybe 2 motors . each at the hubs .:smile:
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    I don't think you can get 50 miles out of an electric unless you can switch out your batteries a couple of times during the day.
  5. Ypedal

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  6. fredie

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    2 wheeler. yes very low speed . for the city
  7. Ypedal

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    At very low speed, a crank drive system is the way to go, electric motors don't like low RPM, with gearing you allow the motor to rev at 2000 rpm and crawl along slowly.

    Still.. for real deal 80 kms per day, it wont' be cheap on the battery side.

    options include

    Carry a high-power charger, opertunity charge when you can during lunch and breaks...

    If the route offers the option of a pit stop half way.. swap packs (2 packs.. double the cost.. but carry only one at a time to cut down on weight )

    Pedal alot and use the motor sparingly..
  8. Drunkskunk

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    if you're keeping your speed down to 10-12 mph, then 1000 watts of battery power should be enough with a small to mid size motor. 200-500 watts.
    Unless you're a mail carrier who's going to be using this to accelerate the 30 meters between mailboxes for 80km. in that case, you're going to need a much bigger battery.

    I'd recomend a geared hub motor like the low rpm version of the Puma.
  9. fredie

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    i like the crank motors
  10. fredie

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    thanku . please give more advice :grin:
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    hi fredie i see you are posting everywhere for more advice...if it were me...i would have electric/gas motor so if ya ran outta ooomph you could still motor off! i see you posted in this thread as well electric motors and related etc..look here specifically: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=10225 and if you go to the last page and work to present day you might find what you are looking for...also here is allot of peeps in australia maybe you could hook up with someone in your area: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=9306 good luck fredie and hope these links help some?:shock:
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