hi im new hear my name is steven

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  1. stevenjohnson89

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    hi guys i made my bike abut 5 years ago i like to put the biggest motor i can fit in to bikes go karts and anything that is not ment to have a motor that size i got this occ chopper for 150 new and 350 for the motor new most cops pull me over just to see my bike but thire are the ones that do it just to be a you know what got away with telling them its a 49cc but its a 212cc drive parts came from a old go kart i looked at the 2 stroke kits thay have for this bike but just not big enuff for for me it dos not peddle any more but it has a top speed of 70 mph :bigcry: and enuf power to pass a car at 50 mph :grin5: it took abut 2 days to make and i love it ill never get rid of it it needs paint bad right now i wold like to know what u guys think of my bike just over look the pant job 184569_474156726001167_1858875024_n.jpg safe_image.php.jpeg

  2. professor

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    Hi Steven, Welcome to Motoredbikes! I think the guys (and myself) would like to see more of your bike- especially the drive arrangement.
    I also think you seriously need real brakes.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Great build but be careful about the legal issues if you plan to ride on the streets. Looks like a really good off road bike though.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Great looking build. Just rub some chrome polish on it and get a front brake, like the prof said.
  5. Big Red

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    I gotta agree with everyone. BRAKES are kinda important. If you cant go you cant die. If you cant stop, You WILL die.
    Big Red.