Hiding Wires For Tail Light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Stoltzee, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Personally I prefer not see wires all over a bike, so with the use of left over items in the garage.
    1. A bottle of Super Glue with the spout glued on, reason for swabs.
    2. A can of rubberized under coating I used on the fenders when I first bought the bike. I read the post about fender cracks, and catastrophe's. The rubberized coating cuts down the vibrations traveling through the fenders, but I don't use the front fender either.

    A. used tape to hold down the wires while super gluing in between tape.

    B. removed tape and masked the fender.

    C. Sprayed under coating to hold wires in place along with the super glue.

    The last pictures a little dark, but the wires are set in place.

    20130825114410.jpg 20130825122723.jpg 20130825123533.jpg