Honda GXH50 for sale $175 (REDUCED)

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    I posted this about 10 days ago,

    I had some interest and then the member decides to go into hiding instead of just telling me they had changed their minds..

    Engine came of my wifes DE kit it probably isnt even broken in yet.

    IMG_2787.JPG IMG_2765.JPG


    IMG_2791.JPG IMG_2793.JPG


    There is still probably 1/8 of the weld to shave off the end (easy with saw, dremell ) and the internal threads on the shaft are in excellent condition. Engine had the crankcase removed ( to many friends) but was reattached with Hondabond. I started it last weekend and it works fine, sounds quiet and purrs.....there is a nick in the fuel line which will have to be replaced, maybe about $1 worth of fuel line. I have the complete operation/ repair manual on disk which will be included.

    SERIOUS OFFERS send me a pm, i except paypal only.

    Any questions please ask and i will try to answer them.
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    Let me clarify, what i meant by having crankcase removed.

    Basically what happened was when i was disassembling the DE kit in my garage i was with a couple of friends hanging out, i got called away for 5 mins and by the time i got back one of my genuis friends decided to keep on disassembling. Hence to say the cams and push rods had popped out.

    With the rebuilding i had to remove the valvecover to replace the push rods under the rocker arms and the cams were all realigned before sealing everything back up with hondabond, a semi drying sealer, providing a tight seal for the casing.

    I started the engine up the day later giving the sealent a time to settle and it started first time, sounds great and is as good as new. The only thing anyone will have to do to get this engine ready is replace a 1 inch piece of fuel pipe, and i left about 1/8 of the weld on the driveshaft so the buyer can fit it perfectly to there specs.
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    How about a pic of the whole motor? Thanks
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    new pics as requested.....

    IMG_2763.JPG IMG_2766.JPG IMG_2767.JPG

    pics were took before i cut of the welded bolt, and never thought to take larger pics after as i boxed it up thinking i had a buyer, but as you can see the condition is excellent....
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    The 2 links above show how easy it is to adapt this engine to your needs, it must be the summer and everybodys riding...........
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    Just giving this a bump,

    still have the engine sitting in the garage, great for a winter project.....

    I do understand everybodys feeling the pain of the economy right now, so i would be willing to accept a payment installment plan if someone really wanted it.
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