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  1. Tom

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    Does anyone have a horn that is powered off the motor?

    Right now I have a goofy bicycle horn that isnt very loud. It seems I could be honking at some idiot driver who is not paying attention every single trip I make. So many people are not aware of bikes. Where would I get a very loud 6-volt horn that I can attach to my bike to let other drivers know they made a mistake/almost hit me/im about to crash into them because they are an idiot/scare the sh*t out of my friends?

  2. srdavo

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    Have you seen the small, rechargable airhorns? Has an air canister, the size of a 20 oz. water bottle. By rechargable, I mean. you can just pump the canister full with your tire pump. Very loud. just a thought.....
  3. Tom

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    Hmm... not a bad idea at all. I should look into getting one. How long can you hold it down until it runs out? I would probably run out every time I ride my bike.
  4. All the 6 volt horns I checked out suck too many watts with the meager 3 watts that the China Motors magneto puts out. I found a load horn on eBay: The Thunder Horn it uses a regular 9 volt battery and puts out a high pitched 115 db screech that sounds like a smoke alarm that has gone haywire. It seems to get drivers attentions and also freezes deer in their tracks. A 12 volt car horn running off a battery pack works too.
  5. srdavo

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    Tom...here's a link to the AIRZOUND air horn.


    it puts out 115 db. and 30 blasts per charge. & comes with it's own pump. I found a few of these on Ebay too.
  6. this would be great know i can let them know what they where almost going to run over
  7. Tom

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    Wow, that is waaaayyy too cool. oh man, I need to order one right now
  8. I got ahold of one of the AirZound horns and it works great super loud and a lot of blasts from just pumping it up to 80 psi. They are even Coast Guard approved as a fog horn for boats. I ordered some more and will pop some up at a great price in the buy and sell forum when I get them. Maybe it will help some of us from getting tangled up with a car.
  9. the airzound looks awesome I want it.