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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by geebt48cc, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. geebt48cc

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    The new solid black muffler off of kit 48cc Grubee. I wish to modify the muffler, but it's solid from top to bottom. Any advice?

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  2. AussieSteve

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    Advice: choose more appropriate thread titles.

    ... Steve
  3. motorpsycho

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    throw that muffler in the trash and buy an expansion chamber.
  4. geebt48cc

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    Steve, hope that your not "-----" off.............................

    Appreciate info....................................................

    Do tell me what you have? I'm 48cc 26" MTB
  5. geebt48cc

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    Ok, So, whom do I go with? ...............Maybe SBP?
  6. AussieSteve

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    No, not p'd off at all.
    The reasons that you need to use a descriptive title are twofold.
    Without an appropriate title, you're not likely to get relevant replies, if any at all.
    Also, in future when people search for help on a topic, this thread has been a complete waste of time, because 'How can I .............' isn't relevant to anything.
    Titles like 'Problem', 'Silly Problem', 'Need Help' etc are equally abstract.
    It really is worth thinking carefully about the title of threads, for everyone's benefit.
    I'll get off my high-horse now.

    An expansion chamber is the best pipe to improve performance, at the cost of a bit more noise. I'd fit one, but it makes an MB look a bit more like a motorcycle and might make the cops take notice.
    I'm not familiar with the solid black muffler. No screw in the bottom or other means of dismantling it?

    Mine has a screw in the bottom, holding the end-cap with the tail-pipe in place.
    I drilled two 4.5mm holes right through the tail-pipe, not far inside the end-cap to increase flow, but otherwise it's stock.
    If your's is solid and you have no way of pulling it apart, logic tells me that either an expansion chamber or a stock muffler that you can pull apart and modify are your only real options.
    (Unless there are other pipes that I'm unaware of. There's the poo-poo pipe, not sure who sells them, but I think they're just a stock muffler on a long header pipe - improves bottom-end but decreases top-end power.)

    I'm not sure who else sells expansion chambers, but my experiences with SBP are hard to beat.

    ... Steve
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  7. geebt48cc

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    I do understand what your saying Steve. So, I'll try to be more direct.

  8. AussieSteve

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    No worries, nothing personal.

    ... Steve
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  9. Aussieben

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    The SBP exhaust kit makes a big differece to performance and is tuneable to either low end torque or high end power. Best upgrade I ever did.

  10. AussieSteve

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    Here, I'm concerned that with an expansion chamber my bike will look too much like a motorcycle. (And probably sound more like one.)
    For now, I'm sticking to the stock pipe, modified slightly, but will upgrade the carb, I reckon.
  11. Fabian

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    That's exactly right Steve.

    With an expansion chamber on a motorised pushbike, it "looks" way too much like a motorbike and under the anti-hooning legislation in Victoria, the Police can confiscate your bike and you'll need to pay them $600 if you want it back, if you can even get it back from the Police.

  12. blankbox7

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    I heard that the Sppoky Tooth Cycles expansion champer works great, they said it has a large power range, not alot of room to tune it though...