how do you do it?


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May 15, 2008
ok so to be honest i didnt know they made kits for this, so my question to you guys is does everybody buy one kit or another? or do you buy everything seperate and try to find a way to make ot all work? or both? unitll i discovered all these web sites and this forum my bike was going to be heavily influenced on dirtbikes (sprockets, chain stuff like that) what are your guys takes?

There are a lot of different kits out there.

How one does it depends on whether you're looking for form or function. Most of the frame mount kits were designed from the outset to be used on the traditional "double diamond" frame like those used on many (especially old-school) mountain bikes. It would be a relatively simple mating of bike with engine. This is the function side.
On the form side, if you're looking to make a retro-style pleasure vehicle or something that is part show bike, using cruiser style frames can sometimes present some challenges. This is usually due to the graceful sweeping curve of the down-tube, the tubing diameter or both. Sometimes one has to get creative and manufacture a special mount (as I did with my '46 Columbia). However, many kit makers have come up with new mounts or other innovative ways around these problems, so many kits are not that difficult to mount on bikes with curved down-tubes. Don't even ask me about the modern Stingray style frames, as they present their own challenges.
If you're looking for best functionality, look towards a rack-mounted four-stroke engine kit. These can still go on a mountain bike, as long as the bike can accept a suitably sturdy rear carrier. But I have no experience with this type of kit, so I'll leave it to someone else to chime in regarding these.
Most would opt for the least expensive. Let's face it. We like to keep our money in our pockets. So we buy the Happy time 2 stroke frame mount or friction drive a chain saw engine.
But then some of us want to graduate and we do so via 4 stroke or any stroke rack mount. In my opinion a rack mount is a step up from a frame mount but this is an unfair statement for I never tried a 4 stroke frame mount.
I went function first with my first bike. Then I went for show with my second bike. Then I went for ultimate comfort on my first bike. The point I'm trying to make here is whatever kit or homemade project you do to your bike,you better be having a blast or it's just not worth it and get a motorcycle.
Cost and simplicity = a happy time frame mount into a Mountain bike.

Buy yourself a kit.
I recommend for cost effectiveness --
= (if your new to bikes, get a 48cc,
if your a capable rider get the 70cc.
Replace some of the mounting studs with high tensile 6mm items ,even before you start.
Access a suitable bike.
Build your bike.
And have FUN doing so.
And if you find yourself stuck
You'll have access to the most comprehensive information on these pages,
So you wont be stuck for long.

All the best .