How much money have we put into our bike's?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rico glover, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Rico glover

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    Hi I'm rico I'm interested in figuring out how much money do people spend on their bike or bikes. Currently I'm at $2000 with the speedster Prototype and just under $500 with my Huasheng 49 model E have I went crazy on spending?
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  2. HeadSmess

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    my best frame cost $20, standard engine is about $200 (aussie dollars)...four strokers cost a bit more. include a good kit and double that easily.

    hey, some people spend over 10,000 on a bike alone...

    you overspent if it keeps breaking down or you have to starve for the next two months...
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  3. Luybaton

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    Dude if u making your bike efficient something u ride daily needs to be safe that and if that's ur thing ur hobby I don't think u should regret ur spending for happiness. If ur talking price for parts maybe not maybe so but that's how the game goes I've spent more on parts I later found for cheaper or even free from friends lol.
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    I've spent about 500$ish on my board track racer, 2 stroke, but most of the price was on the actual bike itself (250$ not including tires, seat, and other odds and ends) so it ends up being around 350$ish just on the bike..... There's a huge parts list on my bike, but it's one of a kind:D
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