How much would you pay for Custom Happytime bicycle frames

How much would you pay for a HT custum frame?

  • under $100

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • $100 - $200

    Votes: 11 35.5%
  • more than $200

    Votes: 6 19.4%
  • What's the fun in that? I like to build my own.

    Votes: 7 22.6%

  • Total voters


How much would you pay for a bicycle frame, designed from the ground up, for the 2-Stroke China engine?

Grubee and, I assume, other China vendors, sells bicycles with the frame designed to fit the HT kit with the heavy duty rear hub and built-in gas tank. Some models come with caliper brakes and front suspension, with aluminum or steel frames.

Odd that I can't find an importer who offers them but I figure its a question of price and demand.


EDIT: I should have bumped the price range a bit. Feel free to post what, if anything, it would be worth to you to just bolt up and ride.
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I'd want a high quality frame....probably oversize aluminum tubing...Mountain bike with full suspension. (since the frame would be built from scratch, maybe the oversized top tube could serve double duty as a gas tank and the seat tube could have a chamber built into it to act as a built in boost bottle).....Also, since it is a custom frame, where the engine mounts to the bike frame, the frame could be necked down a bit to allow for a hassle free install of the HT engine or maybe predrilled to accept the oversize tubing adapter of the HT kit.


Large Filipino

To keep the price down I would go for an average looking beach cruiser frame but with critical areas strenghtened,built in tank and welded on motor mounts that the happy time would just slide on without the studs,then some 6 mm bolts screw right on. Take out the built in tank part to keep the price down and maybe weld some tank mounts so you don't see the studs. Just like the motor mount idea,4 6mm bolts screw right up and maybe cap it off with a color coordinated plastic cap.Or forget the cap idea and get anodized 6 mm allen bolts to look fly.Even with just the motor mounts if you get it to mold with the frame would be enough for people to show you some green. I would keep it steel and would weld triangles in all the corners to assure this is the last frame you will ever buy.
I would also look into disc brake 12 guage spoke rims front and rear and a solid rear sprocket that don't rely on them spokes.
This has been my little vision for a little while myself. I need to learn how to weld first,but my vision is just as described and sell the whole bike on craigslist keeping it all local just to see where this goes.


To keep the price down I would go for an average looking beach cruiser frame but with critical areas strenghtened

I hear ya. Did you follow this link in my post? That first yellow bike looks like what your describing. I like it as well and its the cheapest (I think) The aluminum one looks the most fly though.

Large Filipino

WOAH! I just checked it now. I like that drum brake set up.

Yes. That aluminum frame is pretty bad**s. I wonder how much he's gonna sell it for?
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Jim H

Motor mounts,10g spokes,drum brakes and real rear hub with sprocket on a stretch, steel frame. I'm good...

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Apr 27, 2007


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