How to make vintage decals for your gas tank or speedo face!

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    Great link.
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    After reading that I think I'm even more lost as to how to make a decal. What is the decal stuff called? Where do you get it? What the eff is a bezier curve? How do you use illustrator?

    That was a pretty worthless how-to if you ask me.
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    Nice find and thanks for the link!

    AKA: BigBlue
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    your welcome!
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    lmfao cavi jus google those questions its 2 hard to explain to computer illiterate ppl
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    It's not a how-to if it only shows you stuff you have to already know how to do. That thread is a build thread, not a how-to.
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    Cavi Mike:

    I've been reading your posts for a while now. The above are typical of you.

    Are you angry and bitter about something?

    Google "passive-aggressive."


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    lol i know right! this guy is one miserable beep!:rambo:
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    I made some pretty good ones. Than ran into a problem, apparently Lexmark re-formulated the ink, and the new ink ran and smeared,
    ruining the artwork. I'd suggest an other than inkjet printing method. Mabey a Kinko's type place could run your artwork, and decal paper
    through a high resolution lazer, or phaser type printer. Hobby Shops sell a Decal Fixitive, used on store bought decals. Testor's product
    [ intended for model airplanes ] dries to a satiny finish . Could be gloss topcoated after curing. Hope this helps, the idea of printing custom decals is just too cool .
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    Most people can't even use Adobe Photoshop let alone Illustrator, and I don't know why someone that could use Illustrator would post a couple tips on this forum. If you already have the "image" what are you doing with the "Bezier curves"? Why don't you just use the "Circle Tool"?
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    The cool thing here is getting lost in the shuffle . Do what you want, print it on plain paper, see if you like it. If you do, cut it out, hold paper up to object, make final decisions before printing on decal paper. If it falls short of expectations, than it's tech time . It's amazing what can be done. Another way cool way to go is to hand draw artwork, than scan it to produce an editable image. * Tip * Draw it big, reduce image size
    of artwork, sharpens and tightens it up, looks wicked cool !